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Dropping a Truly Unhole-y SEO Concept On You

Dropping a Truly Un-hole-y Search Marketing Concept on You

Today we have a cautionary tale for you about the Statistical Research Group, a group of scientists based out of  Columbia University during World War II.   This group did research for the Military, including work on the fuse for the atomic bomb, optimal amounts of explosives in shells, and aircraft survivability.  Members included top researchers such as Milton Friedman, who later founded the “Chicago” or “Monetarist” school of economic thought and gained a Nobel Prize for his efforts  (in retrospect, Monetarism was a failed attempt at moderating the Keynesian economic policies which are currently driving our economy into the ground). Read on »

Your Content Optimization Class is Now in Session!

Your Content Optimization Class is Now in Session!

It has long been known that on-page optimization, which typically focuses on document length and keyword density, can be aided by inclusion of words that are related to the target keyword.  Related words aid ranking but can also improve the usefulness of the overall text, its readability, and the degree to which the document appears “natural”.  Word Stems represent some of the *most* tightly related words you can pepper into a web page, and deserve close attention when creating content.  This posting will explore word stems, how Google uses word stems, and will develop some best practices for utilizing word stems in web content. Read on »