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The Perfect Landing Page

The Perfect Landing Page – *click to enlarge*

I was driving back from New Hampshire yesterday after hiking to the top of Mt. Jackson with a Scout Troop, when I saw a U-haul truck with a very interesting advertisement on the back.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it – it’s an ad for a partner of U-Haul called “eMove”…the URL it gives is   I don’t fully understand the relationship between the two companies, but this advertisement was *clearly* designed by an online marketer.

In fact, it looks like a perfect paid search landing page.  Which isn’t a bad idea perhaps;  I am no expert in outdoor advertising, but human nature is probably largely the same in front of a keyboard as it is in front of a dashboard.

Many  principles ought to apply as best practices for *both* outdoor advertising and online advertising.  Let’s dissect this ad and see what we can learn. Read on »